Round White Window Mural -41" diameter

Wake up every morning to the Perfect Beach day!  This round “Window to Paradise” Wall Mural takes you to your favorite place Beach every day- Painted White Frame The sun overlooks a turquoise ocean casting shadows on the beach just outside your window. Easily add a window to Paradise to any room. Your space can be transformed in minutes and without the mess of wallpaper paste. This easy to install peel and stick fabric is the high quality artistic solution you've been looking for! Murals in the shape of a window. This high quality Peel and Stick product can add a View of the open sea to any room. This product is made of a self-adhesive material that does not require use of Wallpaper Paste during hanging. It can easily be removed, leaving no trace on the Wall. This useful feature means no work is required on the Wall after removal of the Window Mural. Add a Window to Paradise to your home or office environment today!

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