About Us

Artist David Miller has been creating entrancing images for over 3 decades. A world renowned painter of tropical beach seascapes and underwater oasis where sea life dominate in a kaleidoscope of color and brilliance. David is now creating images specifically for peel and stick wall murals!

Wall Murals are a popular choice for decorating and are now even more popular with the introduction of high quality reusable peel and stick fabric. Say good bye to the days when wallpapers with messy paste were the only solution for removable wall murals. Murals 101 is proud to offer a custom solution for David Miller wall murals.

Murals101 strives to be a leader in custom wall mural solutions. If you have a specific size in mind that you don't see offered on the website, call us for a no obligation quote and we will create a custom solution for your decorating needs.

High Quality Custom Artwork from the palette of David Miller sets murals101 apart as a highly reputable supplier of custom decorating solutions. Wall, Door and Window murals provide a sense of space and ambiance that is not achievable with lower quality materials and inferior artwork. David Miller has created artwork to fill the niche of removable wall murals

Compared with many products on the market, Wall Murals from Murals 101 are superior due to the following: 1) Murals 101 does not use inferior materials that are intended for short term single use. 2) Each Door, Window or Wall Mural is quality inspected by Artist David Miller himself 3) Each Wall Mural is printed by the Artist, (not in a factory) using the highest quality archival inks and material.

Murals 101 has the solution you desire to add a Window, Door or French Door Wall Mural to your home or office. Order today for your own custom made Wall Mural that takes Fine Art from the Canvas to you! Window and Door Murals give you the feeling of being on a Paradise Beach and gazing at Seascape views. High quality Artistic Peel and Stick Wall Murals and Lithograph Posters from Artist David Miller

You can also shop murals101.com for Fine Art Posters from the David Miller Collection. High quality Lithograph Posters of David Miller artwork can be framed and enjoyed for years to come!

Let us provide you the custom decorating solution you are looking for.

To all of you, from all of us at Murals 101 - Thank you and Enjoy the view!

David Chris Miller
Artist and Owner